Jun 28, 2022

One Million Voters Switch To GOP As General Election Approaches

A political shift takes shape after two years of rising prices and social disruption.
One Million Voters Switch To GOP As General Election Approaches
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

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There’s a political shift happening. Tens of thousands of suburban swing voters who helped Biden win the 2020 election are now becoming Republicans. More than a million voters across 43 states switched to the GOP last year.

What’s causing the shift? A lot is going wrong in America under Democrat control, both economically and socially.

  • Economically—inflation, gas prices, and an incoming recession plague the country. All three branches of government, under Democrat rule, have failed to address the issues.
  • Socially—a progressively dominated Democrat party has pushed too far left for average Americans. Democrats have doubled down on critical race theory, transgender ideology, and even sex changes for minors. Conservative efforts to curb these ideologies in schools have proven to be popular.

Because of the above, many are rejecting the Democrat party rather an embracing the GOP.

Democrats hope to use the recent Roe v. Wade ruling to maintain support. Some don’t think it will work, but other politicians with keen instincts like Former President Trump, disagree. Ultimately, the economic situation in America may be too hard to ignore.

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