Feb 4, 2022

Over 180 Organizations Call To Boycott the Beijing Olympics

China's human rights abuses have led many nations to announce only a "diplomatic boycott," however.
Over 180 Organizations Call To Boycott the Beijing Olympics

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The Beijing Olympics opens today, and efforts to boycott are rampant:

The diplomatic solution: Despite these concerns, countries are still sending athletes to the Winter Olympics. America, Australia, Britain, Canada, Taiwan and many other countries, have announced a “diplomatic boycott” of the Games, simply meaning government officials will not attend.

Seizing the opportunity, China implements excessive rules:

  • 21-day quarantine for non-fully vaccinated athletes and employees
  • No foreign spectators (tickets sold only to Chinese citizens)
  • Talking loudly, cheering and whistling are not allowed.
  • All athletes and employees are confined to the Olympic bubble for the duration of the Games.
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