Apr 10, 2023

Congress to Investigate American corporations tied to China

Lawmakers are starting to address America’s corporate ties to China.
Congress to Investigate American corporations tied to China

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It was reported last week that a bipartisan group of lawmakers would travel to California to meet with tech and media executives, notably Apple CEO Tim Cook and Disney CEO Bob Iger. The lawmakers will also meet with Hollywood producers, screenwriters, former studio executives, plus other executives associated with Microsoft and Google. It’s a sign that political leaders are starting to get serious about addressing China economically and culturally.

Tech and entertainment industries have continued to rely on the Chinese market. Despite rising tensions, America’s economy has never been more tied to China than today. Though Apple has started to move production to countries like India, it is still heavily reliant on China—over 95 percent of iPhones, Macs, AirPods, and iPads are produced in the country, according to a recent report. Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook met with the CCP’s Minister of Commerce to address supply chain issues, touting a ‘symbiotic relationship’ between the company and China.

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