Jan 24, 2022

As Some Countries End Pandemic Restrictions, Others Ramp Up

The U.K. is ending its mask and vaccine requirements as Italy and the U.S. add new restrictions.
As Some Countries End Pandemic Restrictions, Others Ramp Up

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The reality of Omicron: The omicron surge is less virulent and vaccine-resistant than the COVID variants that came before. Ultimately, most people are likely to get it, vaccine or not.

Some countries are ending the pandemic: Considering the information above, countries like the U.K. are leading the world in ending their pandemic restrictions nationwide. Proof of vaccination won’t be required, facemasks will not be mandated and the country should return to its pre-pandemic state. Ireland is also scrapping almost all of its restrictions.

Other countries are doing the opposite: Italy, New Zealand, the United States, and other countries are adding new restrictions.

U.S. mandates for truck drivers: The U.S. will now require all essential workers crossing borders, including truck drivers, to have the COVID-19 vaccine. With the already overburdened and failing supply chain, limiting truckers based on vaccination status can only make the situation worse.

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