Jan 24, 2022

As Supreme Court Weighs Roe, Thousands Take To D.C. To March for Life

Many joined in the subsequent Defeat the Mandates march.
As Supreme Court Weighs Roe, Thousands Take To D.C. To March for Life

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March for Life: With the possible overturning of Roe V. Wade on the horizon, thousands of hopeful supporters of the pro-life movement marched on Friday. A Mississippi law that makes most abortions illegal after 15 weeks of pregnancy directly challenges Roe v. Wade and will force the Supreme Court to overturn or uphold the 1973 ruling.

The current abortion climate is as follows:

  • The majority (71%) of Americans support abortion restrictions.
  • The majority of Americans want to return abortion restrictions to the state level.

Defeat the Mandates: Tens of thousands marched against pandemic restrictions and mandates in the nation’s capital, where unvaccinated Americans are not allowed to dine indoors.

Dr. Robert Malone and Robert Kennedy Jr. joined the rally and delivered speeches. “If there is risk, there must be choice,” Dr. Malone declared. You can listen to their speeches here.
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