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Hudson Crozier

Hudson Crozier

Contributor. Hudson is passionate about politics, writing, and his faith. He hopes to lend a hand in the ongoing media revolution.
16 posts
Australia’s Tyrannical Decline, Explained public
Pandemic 3 min read

Australia’s Tyrannical Decline, Explained

Despite some elements of a free democracy, including mixed, representative, and initially decentralized government, Australia has gradually devolved into a repressive police state. Life for the citizen has transformed beyond recognition.
What Did Kyle Really Do? public
Fake News 5 min read

What Did Kyle Really Do?

During the riots in Kenosha, Winsconsin following the police shooting of Jacob Blake in 2020, three Black Lives Matter supporters were shot by Illinois teenager Kyle Rittenhouse, two of whom died while the third was injured. Kyle now faces multiple charges.
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