Dec 10, 2023

Team Biden Investigates the Campus Antisemitism It Boosts

Is antisemitism on campus a devil of Biden’s own making?
Team Biden Investigates the Campus Antisemitism It Boosts

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Written by Evan Poellinger

What’s happening: Biden's Department of Education is investigating several schools over alleged antisemitic incidents. These include the New York City Department of Education and Harvard University, which was accused of having “discriminated against Jewish and Israeli students.”

  • A connection?: The Biden administration has also continued to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) ideology, which some public figures like Alan Dershowitz believe is fostering antisemitism.

Fundamentals of DEI: This ideology encourages “transforming colleges into platforms for promoting social justice.” It ultimately encourages students to view themselves through what former De Anza College DEI director Tabia Lee calls a binary outlook: “the oppressors and the oppressed.”

  • Us versus them: This binary scope renders the Israelis and Jews oppressors, and Palestinians the oppressed. This gives “academic” cover for antisemitic incidents and attitudes on campus.

Why it matters: Even though Biden’s education bureaucrats may be looking into antisemitic incidents, the administration’s continued support for DEI also signals support for the root cause of antisemitism on campuses.

What’s next: The Biden administration recently announced a partnership between campus securities and the Department of Justice to track antisemitic threats. Whether the administration will also stop promoting DEI remains to be seen.

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