May 19, 2022

Biden Invokes Defense Production Act To Combat Baby Formula Shortage

Why did the administration take weeks to address the formula crisis?
Biden Invokes Defense Production Act To Combat Baby Formula Shortage

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What’s happening: There’s been a severe national baby formula shortage. The shortage was sparked by a recall and supply chain issues. Many mothers and caregivers who rely on formula have not been able to get it.

The Biden administration is invoking the Defense Production Act to push suppliers to provide key ingredients to baby-formula producers. This act was is traditionally used during wartime but President Donald Trump invoked the act 18 times during the pandemic.

Operation Fly Formula: The United States is also launching a formal effort to increase imports of baby formula from abroad.

Big picture: The baby formula shortage was severe—75% of babies rely on it during their early months. These efforts by the Biden Administration are reasonable, but it remains unclear why the administration took so long to coordinate a simple solution to an anticipated problem.

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