Oct 6, 2022

Documents Show Biden Paid Private Companies To Censor Election Fraud Claims

Documents show a three-way partnership between private research groups, the federal government, and Big Tech to censor 2020 election “misinformation.”
Documents Show Biden Paid Private Companies To Censor Election Fraud Claims

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Written by Hudson Crozier

Who did what? The Election Integrity Partnership (EIP), comprised of four private “non-partisan” groups, flagged thousands of shared URLs and social media posts as election “misinformation.” The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of State (DOS) then filed “tickets” urging social media platforms to remove them.

What was censored? The EIP targeted various “narratives” on voter fraud that it considered false or misleading, such as claims about Dominion voting machines, suspicious poll worker activity, votes cast on behalf of dead people, and more. Its final report boasted of a 35 percent success rate in getting platforms to either remove posts or label them as misinformation.

The EIP’s mission: The “non-partisan” organization’s website blames “right-leaning ‘blue check’ influencers” for the “metanarrative of a ‘stolen election’” that “propelled the January 6 insurrection.” It argues that the government’s “limited” role in directly suppressing misinformation “creates an urgent need for collaboration across government, civil society, media, and social media platforms.”

The payment from Biden: The four groups each received millions of dollars from President Joe Biden’s Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and State Department to fund further “research” on fighting misinformation. Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) has demanded a congressional investigation into the EIP and is drafting legislation to restrict the government from using Big Tech as a “proxy entity” to suppress online speech.

Big picture

Private companies and government institutions have worked together to censor Americans’ concerns over issues of national importance, like election fraud and COVID-19. The government is now being sued for coordinating with Big Tech companies to violate Americans’ First Amendment rights.

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