Apr 29, 2022

Biden Wants To Send Over $30 Billion To Ukraine

The massive aid bill will cover weapons, ammunition, and economic and humanitarian aid.

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What’s it for? Biden requests to send over $20 billion for weapons, ammunition, and military assistance, $8.5 billion in economic aid, and $3 billion in humanitarian aid. The aid package would constitute one-fifth of Ukrainian’s regular annual economic output. It’s a very significant amount.

Zelensky wants quick approval: "I am thankful to the American people and personally to President Biden for it. I hope that Congress will quickly approve this request for help to our state,” he said in a video address.

Why it matters: The U.S. economy shrank unexpectedly by 1.4% this quarter. Inflation is still at its height and prices rise throughout the nation, with the same pattern occurring throughout Europe. Biden’s focus is elsewhere.

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