Sep 19, 2022

Migrant Warfare: Both Republican States and 'Sanctuary Cities' Want Migrants Out

Republican governors have sent tens of thousands of migrants to blue cities supporting open border policies. Here’s the latest in America’s migrant warfare.
Migrant Warfare: Both Republican States and 'Sanctuary Cities' Want Migrants Out

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The Martha’s Vineyard campaign: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent around 50 migrants to the wealthy Massachusetts island. Just a day after their arrival, the state activated 125 national guard members to move the migrants to a nearby military base. DeSantis has pledged to use the total $12 million allocated by the Florida Legislature to transport migrants from the state.

The New York City counteroffensive: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent nearly 11,000 migrants to New York City, overwhelming its public housing system. Now the city will be relocating the migrants to Florida, citing migrants’ supposed preference for “places like Florida.”

Where’s Biden in all of this? According to reporting by Axios, Biden’s cabinet and administration officials met Friday to discuss litigation options to respond to GOP governors transporting migrants across state lines.

Is it legal? While critics on the left have compared the Republican strategy to human trafficking and “kidnapping,” migrants involved have consented to travel to “sanctuary cities” that promise more care and resources for them. Still, progressive outlets like Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post have stated it’s too early to conclude the legality of such actions.

Big picture: Despite “sanctuary cities” scrambling to move these migrants out, these cities haven’t changed their stances on immigration. As they sent the newly arrived migrants away, officials in Martha’s Vineyard claimed that the foreigners had “enriched” the island, in line with their original perspectives.

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