Mar 22, 2022

CDC Error Inflated Child Death Numbers, Lead to Misinformation

This recent error is a part of a recurring trend for the CDC, which has continuously misled the American public during the pandemic.
CDC Error Inflated Child Death Numbers, Lead to Misinformation

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The error: All-time pandemic pediatric deaths from the CDC’s data tracker dropped almost 24% after the agency fixed a “coding logic error.” The media used the misleading data to push a new narrative that children face increased risks from the virus.

“Children seem to be facing increasing risks from Covid-19 even as mask mandates drop across the country, and vaccination rates among children stall out at alarmingly low rates.” The Guardian, March 11, 2022

This mistake is part of a recurring trend for the CDC.

Keeping information from the public: In February, the New York Times reported that the CDC only published a small amount of data about vaccines and hospitalizations. They reasoned that the information could have been misinterpreted and abused by those against vaccine mandates. Essentially, they kept data from the public to protect their pro-mandate narrative.

Using inaccurate data to push child masking: The CDC took an aggressive stancerecommending that all kids two and older should be masked in school. To justify their position, the agency cited a study that was published two days earlier. It turned out that the study they used was “profoundly misleading” and did not support their actions.

Poll: 43% of independents believe the CDC made the last two years worse, while 39% thought it made things better.

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