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Apr 9, 2021 1 min read

Chauvin Trial: The Media Will Be Responsible For Upcoming Riots

Chauvin Trial: The Media Will Be Responsible For Upcoming Riots

Activists made it clear: If Chauvin isn't convicted, "all hell will break loose". Instead of reporting reality, the media went into full gas-lighting mode to convince their audience sentencing is a certainty - while it isn't. They'll be responsible for the riots.

The truth is: acquittal is very possible. Because this is a criminal case, the jury will need to prove that Chauvin's actions caused Floyd's death beyond a reasonable doubt.

How beyond a reasonable doubt works

If the jury believes:

  • Floyd probably died because of Chauvin (some doubt) ➞ Not Guilty
  • It's most likely that Floyd died because of Chauvin (still a little doubt) ➞ Not Guilty
  • It is impossible by every standard that Floyd's health and intoxication caused his death (no reasonable doubt) ➞ Guilty

The system was designed to decrease the likelihood of the innocent being sentenced guilty.

Proving Causation beyond a reasonable doubt

Proving that Chauvin caused Floyd's death beyond a reasonable doubt equates to the jury believing that an overdose was impossible.

This will be incredibly hard to prove because Floyd's medical condition alone (prior to being restrained) could have been fatal.
➞ Floyd was hospitalized for an overdose one month prior to his death.
➞ Floyd had three times the lethal dose of drugs in his system, was foaming at the mouth, and was incoherent (overdose was very possible).
Floyd was saying he couldn't breathe before being restrained. He said it seven full times before he was on the ground.
➞ Floyd had many pre-existing conditions, include heart disease.

The prosecution is still presenting its case and the defense is yet to follow. They will present the first autopsy results and bring expert witnesses to argue that George Floyd died of an overdose. It will cast overwhelming doubt on the role that Floyd's health played in his death, making acquittal a real possibility.

Source: Will Chamberlain

Viewers of CNN and MSNBC are in their own world. The media tells them the case is going great and the prosecution is invincible. If acquittal happens, America will burn. The MSM will be accountable.

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