Nov 11, 2022

Congress Goes MAGA

There’s likely to be a slimmer Republican House majority than expected. MAGA congressmen will have more leverage because of that.
Congress Goes MAGA

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What happened: Former President Donald Trump endorsed more than 300 congressional and state-level candidates in the midterms. Almost all of his House endorsements won, and 180 of the winning candidates had openly questioned election integrity during the 2020 election. Seventeen election skeptics were also elected to the Senate.

Why this matters: These new Republican congressmen are less like Mitch McConnell and more like Trump. With more members than ever, they’ll be able to mold congressional priorities, like addressing corruption in the FBI, Big Tech censorship, Hunter Biden, and the pandemic's origins. While this isn’t a complete takeover, they’ll have more leverage than ever.

Establishment GOP is on edge: In the House, the new Congressional coalition could push House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy out of his leadership position, and he’s already planning for that possibility. Some Senate Republicans have expressed that they won't support Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has occasionally clashed with Trump. It’s likely that change will happen in the House first.

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