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Nov 2, 2020 2 min read

Debunking The Medias Lies About Trump & LGBTQ

Debunking The Medias Lies About Trump & LGBTQ

Trump Didn't Ban Trans People from the Military

The policy that went into effect in March of 2018 allowed for new and existing members to be trans as long as they don't suffer from gender dysphoria or require gender re-assignment surgery after enlisting.

This is in line with existing military policy regarding those who need prolonged regular medical care, including diabetics. It is also in line with existing rules of enlistees currently undergoing mental health treatment, or who have experienced mental health problems in the past.

Sources: The Balance Careers

Trump Didn't Kick Out People with HIV from the Military

Person's with HIV-positive status may continue to serve in the military if they are in career fields with a low possibility for deployment or are unlikely to deploy because of rank or experience.

The "deploy or get out" only aims to increase the readiness and lethality of forces.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a preliminary injunction against the Air Force, preventing the discharge of personnel based on HIV status.

Sources: Congressional Research Service, GetOutSpoken

Trump Didn't Remove LGBTQ Protections for Federal Employees

Many outlets reported that Obama's executive order protecting LGBTQ federal employees would be rescinded as soon as Trump took office.

The White House released a statement soon after that read as follows:

"President Donald J. Trump is determined to protect the rights of all Americans, including the LGBTQ community...the executive order signed in 2014, which protects employees from anti-LGBTQ workplace discrimination while working with federal contracts will remain intact"

And it did remain intact.

Sources: CNN

Trump Didn't Take Down Embassy Pride Flags

Of the 307 US embassies, consulted and diplomatic missions around the world, in 2019 there requested to fly the Pride Flag in the month of June.

The embassies were told they could fly the flag anywhere on the premises as long as it was not on the central flagpole, which is reserved for the American Flag and no other flag.

The German embassy hung several Pride Flags that year.

Sources: NBC

Trump Didn't Remove LGBT People from the 2020 Census

Media reported that the Trump Administration was "erasing" LGBTQ Americans from the 2020 US Census to legally deny services and legitimacy to har-working LGBTQ Americans.

The truth is, "are you a member of the LGBTQ community?" has never been a question asked on the US Census.

Snopes who typically "fact checks" in favor of the Left, found no information indicating that the executive branch was exerting influence over US Census operations.

Sources: Snopes

Yes, Trump Did Leave the UN Human Rights Council

Why? Other nations - such as Sudan, Nigeria, the Congo, Bahrain, and Afghanistan - that jail, execute, and oppress homosexuals and women were also members of the so-called "human rights" council.

The Trump Administration left in protest, saying the council was hypocritical and refused to call out the human rights abuses of other nations that were a part of the council.

Sources: NYTimes, CNC

Yes, Trump Did Oppose the "Equality" Act

The deceptively-named Equality Act would have legalized religious persecution and stripped away Constitutional Rights regarding religious freedom.

Many LGBT organizations also posed the Equality Act because it targets a small number of religious groups for openly practicing their beliefs.

The Equality Act was largely seen as LGBT over-reach and not promoting equality for all Americans.

Sources: USAToday

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