Jan 18, 2021

Election Fraud in Fulton County, Georgia

Election Fraud in Fulton County, Georgia

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By Mike O.

We all saw the video. There was possible fraud in Fulton County. Fact-checkers quickly labeled it as false and the media moved on, but there's more to the story.

Georgia Senate hearing on December 4, 2020

An attorney presented video recordings of absentee and military ballots being counted at State Farm Arena, Fulton County, Georgia.

On election day, at 10:25 pm, it was announced that ballot processing will stop for the night, and will be continued in the morning. Poll observers were told to go home.

Four Democrat poll workers stayed behind and continued to process ballots without poll observers present until 1 am.

After the poll observers left the building, at 11 pm the poll workers pulled out four cases of ballots that were hidden under tables and proceeded to scan them for two hours. Batches of these ballots were re-scanned multiple times. These ballots were processed without poll observers present until 1 am.

Senator Parent responded to this presentation, saying “this has been debunked repeatedly”. She was then informed by her colleagues that the surveillance video was only released last night, and no one had seen it prior to that.

In Georgia, the official result difference between Trump and Biden was only 11,779 votes. There were three counties in Georgia that missed thousands of ballots that were for Trump. Considering the number of ballots that were recovered and missed, the difference in votes between Trump and Biden is within the possible margin of fraud.

Response from Fulton County Elections Director

The next day after the Senate hearing, Richard L. Barron (Fulton County Elections Director) was questioned about the many issues presented at the hearing.

Note the following segments of the meeting:

  • 06:50 - 10:00: Elections Director admits the ballots were pulled out from under tables and processed without poll observers present but says “this is normal processing”.
  • 21:40 - 22:20: Elections Director says he hasn’t seen the video but insists again “this is normal processing”.
  • 34:15 - 38:00: Elections Director again admits that ballots were processed until 1 a.m. without observers present.
  • 41:25 - 43:25: Elections Director is asked why cases of ballots were hidden under tables.
“Well I think there.. there’s a… I.. I don’t know that there… I think those.. those ballot boxes get… heavy… I don’t think they want to be lifting those things up and putting them back down so… they bring them around, I mean it’s like an L shape, and then they put those, they.. they.. they put those ballots bins.. what.. their.. un.. under their workspace, so that it’s… because it’s the most convenient place to.. to put those things. Ummm.. I don’t know… and and I don’t think they.. they.. want to lift those up and down and it takes away from a lot of the workspace. I don’t know that.. you know.. looking back if that was the most ideal workspace for... for that operation.. but.. umm.. that’s… that’s what we had at the time and the room was not big enough for… to have... evr… all of our workspace in there and the media.. and that big space for the media. Umm.. that’s why we’re going.. we’re doing it at the Georgia World Congress Center… uhhh.. going forward.”

Sources: Fulton County Board of Elections Meeting, Second Georgia Senate Election Hearing (33:00 - 1:05:00)


The Associated Press “debunked” the claims. They claim that everything happened as shown in the video, but assert it as “normal ballot processing” because the Election Director made that statement. They agree that ballots were pulled out from under tables and processed for hours without partisan poll observers.

The fact-checkers claim that Georgia law permits votes to be counted without witnesses, and declare that no fraud occurred. It's a weak argument. Should we take their word for it because they're in a position of authority? Only an audit can determine if the votes are authentic.

No Ballot Signature Audit

At the time of writing, the absentee and military ballot signatures have not been audited in Fulton County.

Fulton County ballots have been recounted, but not audited.

After seeing the Senate hearing, Trump requested an audit of ballots in Fulton County. They refused an audit in Fulton County, then proceeded to do a signature audit of 10% of absentee ballots in Cobb County instead. No issues were found in the Cobb County audit, but there was no such alleged fraud in Cobb County to begin with.

The media falsely and deceptively reported that this audit of 10% of signatures in Cobb County ruled out all of Trump's allegations of election fraud in the State of Georgia.

Judicial Failure

There are many other irregularities in the 2020 election that need proper investigation, and for the vast majority of lawsuits, the courts have denied evidentiary hearings, due to standing, or procedural grounds. These are technical excuses to avoid hearing cases.

The more the courts deny evidentiary hearings, the more we suspect the judiciary in battleground states is deeply corrupted, and the more we suspect the election was stolen. Patronizing “Fact Check” articles funded by questionable sources are not an acceptable substitute for legal due process.

The content of this article is not permitted to be openly discussed on YouTube (even though the sources are from YouTube) and is not permitted to be discussed on Facebook groups either. The authoritarian Big Tech silencing is anti-American and only raises further suspicion of deep and wide corruption that facilitated election fraud in key battleground states.

Further Reading: No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close

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