Nov 15, 2020

Election Interference By Big Tech & Mass Media

Big tech and mainstream media censored, suppressed, and constantly spread misleading information to the detriment of Donald Trump and the benefit of Joe Biden.
Election Interference By Big Tech & Mass Media

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The mass media and Silicon Valley have spent the last four years rigging the election right through the 2020 election. They censored, suppressed, and constantly spread misleading information to the detriment of Donald Trump and the benefit of Joe Biden.

Inaccurate polling: The bandwagon effect states that people become more supportive of candidates that have more support. Polls can skew voters when they inaccurately predict wide margins.

Sources: Huffington Post, FiveThirtyEight

Big Tech suppression: Dr. Robert Epstein, the senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, said big tech could shift 15 million votes in the 2020 election.

  • Facebook and Twitter censored President Trump or his reelection campaign 65 times but didn't censor Joe Biden and his campaign a single time.
  • Twitter labeled, fact-checked, and removed tweets from the president and his campaign 64 times since 2016.
  • Several Trump administration officials had their Twitter accounts locked, including the Trump campaign and the White House press secretary.

Media suppressing negative Biden press: Google suppressed Breitbart news about Joe Biden all the way through to election day, despite it being reported over five months ago.

Facebook reduced the distribution of a New York Post story containing damaging material on Joe Biden's campaign.

Twitter followed suit soon after, labeling links to the story “unsafe" and then blocking the link from being shared at all.

Sources: Media Research Center, Breitbart, Unherd, PJMedia, The Guardian

Media suppression following the election: Former House Speaker Paul Ryan reportedly wanted to use his position on Fox's board to "do something" about Trump.

Of Trump’s 22 text posts on Facebook and Twitter, 11 have been suppressed by the social media giants. None for Biden.

ABC, CBS, NBC Cut Away from President Trump’s Live Remarks. Fox did the same after.

Facebook disbanded a group of 365,000 Trump supporters who had joined together to “Stop the Steal.” Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all labeled election-relevant posts with warning labels.

Sources: Business Insider, WSWS, Breitbart

Zuckerberg Safe Elections Project: Most of Joe Biden’s gain in Georgia came from three Atlanta counties that received more than $15 million from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded “safe elections” project. More than 99.5 percent of this funding went to election commissions in counties won by Hillary Clinton in 2016. Less than .05 percent of the funding went to counties Donald Trump won in 2016.

Sources: Real Clear Politics, Georgia State Secretary Website, Thomas More Society, Breitbart

Biden courting Big Tech: Multiple Big Tech executives joined the Biden transition team, just weeks before Silicon Valley censored the New York Post‘s bombshell articles on alleged Biden family corruption.

Former Google CEO and Clinton associate Eric Schmidt are being considered to lead a key tech task force in a Biden.

Biden hired both Jessica Hertz, former associate general counsel at Facebook and Cynthia Hogan, former Apple vice-president for government affairs to his transition team.

Sources: Financial Times, Breitbart

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