Oct 4, 2023

Elon Musk At Odds With Global Establishment

The centibillionaire’s rise in political power and push for free speech is angering bureaucrats across the world.
Elon Musk At Odds With Global Establishment

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What’s happening: As Elon Musk gains power and becomes more politically involved, the establishment — both at home and abroad — is launching attacks against him.

Why it matters: Musk is one of the few outspoken billionaires tapping into his wealth to promote free speech and policies at odds with the world’s ruling class.

The border: Musk recently visited the southern border, attacking the Biden administration’s open border policies and urging large-scale immigration reform.

Crime: Musk also condemned the recent looting in Philadelphia, comparing America to crime-ravaged Gotham City. While progressives have made excuses for rising crime, retail theft has cost Americans $112 billion this year.

Censorship: Musk fired an around-the-clock election “disinformation” team after EU Vice President Vera Jourová condemned the company for not complying with EU “moderation” expectations.

Ukraine: Elon Musk has repeatedly questioned the US's continuous financial support to Ukraine.

Backlash: The Biden administration has filed two lawsuits against Musk’s companies. The first lawsuit alleges that SpaceX discriminated against refugees. The second lawsuit alleges Tesla tolerated discrimination against black employees.

  • Abroad, too: European Union (EU) officials are expected to investigate Twitter for failing to implement the EU’s Digital Services Act, which requires social media companies to censor “disinformation.” Twitter could face penalties as high as 6 percent of its yearly revenue if the company doesn’t comply.
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