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Mar 28, 2021 3 min read

Fake News PlayBook: The Silent Correction

Fake News PlayBook: The Silent Correction

One outlet publishes a fake story. Then other outlets report on it. Months later, after the damage is done and the misinformation is spread, they silently add a correction. This is the Fake News playbook.

Trump and "Find The Fraud"

The "Find The Fraud" Claim
On January 9, The Washington Post reported that Trump told the chief investigator of Georgia Secretary of State’s office that she must "find the fraud" and would be "a national hero" if she did.

With an anonymous source, WaPo claimed that these were Trump quotes. CNN confirmed the story. The story made national headlines, swayed the public on Trump's "attack on democracy", and was even used in Trump's second impeachment trial.

The Correction
Two months later, The Wall Street Journal obtained an actual recording of the call and concluded that those quotes were fabricated.

The Capitol Riot and it's many hoaxes

The "Murder By Trump Supporters" Claim
Following the Capitol Riot, the media spread the story of Officer Brian Sicknick. They claimed that a pro-Trump mob bashed his skull with a fire extinguisher - and killed him.

The media reported on this non-stop. It was the driving force behind the demonization of protestors, as Sicknick would be the only non-Trump-supporter death on January 6.

The Correction
The autopsy revealed that he suffered no blunt trauma. The narrative of Trump supporters bludgeoning him to death was fabricated. The men arrested were not charged with murder, but instead assault with a gas. Sicknick's mother claims he died of a stroke.

The "Zip Ties" Claim
Outlets reported that a protestor brought Zip-Ties into the capitol, and spread the notion that there was a plot to kidnap Congressmen or to hold them hostage. Based off that information, prosecutors initially claimed he planned to "capture and assassinate elected officials."

The Correction
The Zip-Tie guy took the Zip-Ties from a table in the Capitol. In his disposition, he claimed to have taken them to prevent their use by the police. By the time this was cleared up (it still hasn't been), the damage was done.

The countless Russia Hoax corrections

Sources: Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

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