Jun 6, 2023

FBI Continues To Withhold Document on Alleged Biden Bribery Scheme

FBI Director Christopher Wray may face contempt charges.
FBI Continues To Withhold Document on Alleged Biden Bribery Scheme
FBI Director Christopher Wray

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By Hudson Crozier

What’s happening: The FBI allowed Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, to view a document alleging that Joe Biden was involved in a bribery scheme as vice president. However, despite a subpoena from Comer, the bureau won’t give the document to Congress to be released to the public.

What we know: The 2020 document reportedly describes a $5 million bribery scheme between then-vice president Biden and a foreign national. The allegations come from a “highly credible” informant, and the FBI is still investigating them, according to Comer.

It’s nice to be Biden: Whistleblowers have alleged that the Justice Department “slow-walked” its investigation of Hunter Biden for alleged tax crimes and that the FBI ignored the scandals revealed by his laptop for political purposes, namely to help Biden’s 2020 campaign. Now, federal agents want to conceal what appears to be credible evidence against Joe Biden from elected officials. By contrast, without any credible evidence, the FBI and intelligence agents swiftly moved to spy on former President Donald Trump and his allies for alleged collusion with Russia.

What happens next? Comer seeks to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress for defying his subpoena and will initiate the process this week. If the Oversight Committee approves the proposal, the House will hold a vote and may file the complaint without approval from the Senate. If the Justice Department refuses to prosecute, legislators have other options to try to enforce the complaint. Notably, former Trump official Steve Bannon was sentenced to four months in prison last year for contempt of Congress.

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