Jul 13, 2023

Republicans Grill FBI Director Over Weaponization Of The Bureau

FBI Director Christopher Wray denied most of the accusations without revealing new information.
Republicans Grill FBI Director Over Weaponization Of The Bureau
Photo by David Trinks / Unsplash

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Yesterday, House Republicans held a hearing about the politicization of the FBI with Director Christopher Wray. Republicans aired their grievances, but Wray denied most of the accusations, much of which are facts at this point, without revealing new information. Some notables:

  • Wray called the idea that the FBI was targeting conservatives “insane.”
  • He denied that the FBI had actively participated in censoring American voices and said he believed no undercover agents were present at the Capitol on January 6.
  • He refused to comment on whether President Joe Biden is being investigated for foreign bribery.
  • He denied that the FBI has protected Biden and that the bureau is targeting former President Donald Trump under political pretenses.
  • Wray denied that agents were moved off child pornography investigations to work on tracking down January 6 protesters, although there have been documented cases.
  • Wray avoided answering how many times the bureau abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on Americans.
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