Nov 9, 2023

FBI Investigates Claim of Hamas at U.S. Border

A story some fact-checkers deemed false has caught the attention of the FBI.
FBI Investigates Claim of Hamas at U.S. Border

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Written by Hudson Crozier

The scoop: The FBI has repeatedly tried to question a Texas journalist over her claims Hamas terrorists entered the U.S. illegally through the southern border with Mexico — one sign the agency is concerned about terror threats to the homeland in the wake of Hamas attacks on Israel.

Background: Conservative activist and journalist Sarah Fields claimed in October Hamas members have illegally crossed into the U.S. from a training center in Matamoros, Mexico. Some media fact-checkers deemed the story false, but Fields insists upon an anonymous source at the border, though she hasn’t presented evidence.

What’s notable: FBI agents have visited Fields’s home and called for a private meeting, Fields recently said and posted video and call logs. The government is showing interest and investigating the Hamas story and “anything war or border related,” despite Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently testifying he was not aware of any Hamas member crossing into the U.S.

Why it matters: The FBI explicitly warned the Israel-Hamas war is likely to inspire terror attacks in America. The Department of Homeland Security recently indicated members of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad may try to enter illegally through Mexico.

  • Down south: There are approximately 700,000 Palestinians living in Latin America. Members of Hamas, Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah are known to have been active in South America in years past.
  • Migrant influx: President Joe Biden’s border agents have arrested more terror suspects than ever before — but have also lost nearly 1.7 million “gotaways.”
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