Aug 3, 2023

From LGBT Initiatives To Gun Control: How Biden Uses The Education Department To Get His Way

How does a gun control law apply to public school funding?
From LGBT Initiatives To Gun Control: How Biden Uses The Education Department To Get His Way
Photo by MChe Lee / Unsplash

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Written by David Zimmermann

What’s happening: President Joe Biden’s Education Department is withholding funding from archery and hunting programs in elementary and secondary schools nationwide.

  • The details: The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act — a gun control bill passed after the Uvalde school shooting — prohibits funding to schools that provide anyone with “a dangerous weapon…or training in the use of a dangerous weapon.” The Education Department interprets the law to include archery and hunting lessons.

Why it matters: The Department of Education has closely mirrored the Biden administration's stance not only on gun control but also on cultural issues like LGBT ideology.

  • On LGBT initiatives: Recent propositions from the department aim to outlaw school bans on transgender students participating in teams that don't match their biological sex. It also encourages schools to establish LGBT clubs.
  • On explicit material: The administration will appoint an Education Department coordinator in charge of stopping parental efforts to remove explicit books and materials from classrooms nationwide. It has framed parental efforts as “book bans,” though the books being removed cover inappropriate themes like transgenderism to young children.
  • On transgender bathrooms: This crackdown isn’t the first time the Biden administration has withheld money from schools. Last year, the Agriculture Department cut funding for free lunches in schools that didn’t comply with LGBT-friendly policies, such as allowing biological males to use girls’ bathrooms.
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