Oct 7, 2022

Hunter Biden Might Actually Be Prosecuted

The evidence was gathered months ago and sent to the Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney in Delaware, who will decide whether to approve the charges.
Hunter Biden Might Actually Be Prosecuted

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Written by Hudson Crozier

What’s happening: Federal prosecutors have found enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax- and gun-related crimes, according to anonymous sources that spoke to The Washington Post.

What are the crimes? Prosecutors allege that Hunter failed to disclose income from foreign business dealings in countries like China and Ukraine, which earned him millions during his father’s vice presidency. They also allege that he purchased a handgun by lying on a federal background check about his heavy cocaine use.

Does his laptop have anything to do with this case? This investigation began two years before the laptop was found in 2020, and it’s not clear if its contents are part of the evidence.

What about his other alleged crimes? The FBI obtained evidence years ago that Hunter may also be guilty of prostitution-related crimes. His laptop also shows that his father, then vice president of the U.S., knew and took part in his foreign business dealings. The FBI has refused to investigate these concerns. Republicans have promised to probe into the Biden family’s corruption if they gain a congressional majority after the midterm elections.

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