Jul 12, 2023

Hunter’s Artwork Is Child Support For The Biden Family’s Secret Granddaughter

The president's son is paying child support by giving his youngest daughter his artwork.
Hunter’s Artwork Is Child Support For The Biden Family’s Secret Granddaughter
Photo by Tine Hvolby / Unsplash

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Written by David Zimmermann

The story: Neither President Joe Biden nor his son Hunter has personally met or publicly acknowledged the latter’s 4-year-old daughter since she was born in November 2018, according to a report. The news comes as Lunden Roberts, the girl’s mother, reached a settlement with Hunter Biden last week in a yearslong child support case. Roberts served as an assistant to the president’s son before having his baby, but by then Hunter Biden wanted nothing to do with them. Roberts filed a child support lawsuit in 2019.

Hunter’s daughter: The young girl, who remains unnamed in court documents, lives with her mother in rural Arkansas away from her father’s side of the family. Despite being aware that her grandfather is the president of the United States, she has never met him or her father.

The settlement: Last Thursday, Hunter Biden—a novice painter whose paintings are each worth up to $500,000—agreed to give his daughter his paintings in exchange for a reduced monthly child support payment to Roberts. His daughter will get to choose which paintings she wants, according to court documents.

  • More details: As for the monthly payment, the amount remained undisclosed, but it was reportedly lower than Hunter Biden’s previous payments to his former assistant. Before the settlement, he paid Roberts about $750,000 in child support since 2020, with $20,000 going out each month.

Family values: Despite touting that “family is life’s greatest blessing and responsibility,” President Biden has yet to publicly acknowledge his granddaughter. White House aides have admitted they’re being told in strategy meetings the president has six, not seven, grandchildren, and he went on the record to say the same. It’s unclear whether President Biden will acknowledge her now that his son’s child support court battle is settled.

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