May 23, 2022

Increased Surveillance Following Buffalo Shooting

A new bill will allow the FBI to increase surveillance of citizens to combat "white supremacy."
Increased Surveillance Following Buffalo Shooting

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Congressional leaders have called for stricter gun control and increased surveillance following the mass shooting in Buffalo. Critics are concerned.

Increasing domestic surveillance: On Wednesday, the House passed the “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act” to combat “white supremacy.” This bill authorizes the FBI, DHS, and DOJ to create new offices explicitly focused on the right, though these agencies already investigate domestic terrorism.

FBI trends towards partisanship: Critics are concerned about weaponizing the federal government against conservatives. They reference the FBI's actions of labeling conservative parents across the nation as ‘threats’ and the FBI’s entrapment in the Michigan Gov. kidnapping case.

Increasing gun control: Politicians also call for increased gun control but ignore that New York’s restrictive gun laws should have prevented the shooter from obtaining his weapons. The state passed a “red flag law” in 2019 that prohibits problematic individuals from obtaining weapons. The shooter made extreme threats of violence but was still allowed to purchase a weapon.

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