Apr 7, 2023

Italy Rejects the Lab-Grown Meat and Insect Consumption Movement

A bill banning lab-grown meat was recently approved by the Italian government.
Italy Rejects the Lab-Grown Meat and Insect Consumption Movement
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, March 2023

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What’s happening? In an effort to preserve Italy’s heritage and traditions, the Italian government has approved a bill, yet to be passed by Parliament, that will serve to ban the production and usage of lab-grown meat items. Additionally, flour products made from insects have already been banned in Italy, and information labels for products containing insects are being encouraged.

Why is this important? Polls show that the majority of Italians are opposed to the lab-grown meat movement, which is similar to the insect consumption movement in that both are spurred by climate change activists. Globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum **have long promoted eating insects as a way to “reduce climate change” and claim that there is no way around it. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is also funding research into insect-based food.

Zoom out: The trend is also present in America. Hollywood celebrities have endorsed insects and lab-grown meat, and studies show that celebrities can effectively introduce and market these changes. The Italian resistance is promising for the maintenance of the integrity of food products in the United States and abroad.

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