Apr 7, 2022

Jan. 6 Protester Acquitted, Judge Says He Was Let In To Capitol

Martin's conduct was "minimal and non-serious."
Jan. 6 Protester Acquitted, Judge Says He Was Let In To Capitol

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From reporting by Julie Kelly at American Greatness.

What happened: Matthew Martin was arrested a year ago on four counts: entering and remaining in a restricted building, disorderly conduct in a restricted building, violent entry, and parading in the Capitol building. Prosecutors confirmed he was in the building for roughly 10 minutes.

Allowed in: McFadden pleaded not guilty and said he was “waved” into the building by capitol police. Calling Martin’s conduct “minimal and non-serious,” the judge found it “plausible” that Martin was allowed into the building and did not realize the grounds were off-limits to the public. He was found not guilty on all counts.

What this means: It is the first acquittal in a January 6 case. McFadden’s ruling could impact upcoming cases since a government witness confirmed for the first time under oath that police stood by as people entered the Capitol.

In other words, the courts just proved what we've been saying for a long time— Jan 6 protestors were allowed in by capitol police.

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