Dec 20, 2022

January 6 Committee Recommends Criminal Charges Against Trump

The partisan January 6 House committee has taken unprecedented steps to criminally charge a former president, despite the reality that he overwhelmingly urged protesters to be peaceful.
January 6 Committee Recommends Criminal Charges Against Trump
Photo by Colin Lloyd / Unsplash

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What’s happening: After operating for 18 months and spending over $3 million in taxpayer funding, the January 6 House committee wants to criminally charge former President Donald Trump for inciting the Capitol riot and conspiring against the government.

The charges: The committee claims that Trump breached four federal criminal statutes—obstructing an official proceeding of Congress, insurrection, conspiring to defraud the United States, and conspiracy to make a false statement.

But the partisan January 6 committee ignores these realities:

  • Trump overwhelmingly urged protesters to be peaceful,
  • There were FBI agents embedded in the Capitol riot,
  • Outside agitators like the Oath Keepers were present and had their own objectives,
  • The federal government deliberately refused to increase security despite known security threats,
  • And the vast majority of protesters were allowed inside the Capitol by police.

Why it matters: The charges against Trump for the January 6 Capitol riot are weak. Still, the committee has recommended charging him, with the ultimate goal of barring him from running for office in 2024.

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