Aug 30, 2022

Jewish University Ordered To Recognize LGBTQ Club Appeals to SCOTUS

A deeply religious university is asking the Supreme Court to uphold its First Amendment right to object to an LGBTQ club on campus.
Jewish University Ordered To Recognize LGBTQ Club Appeals to SCOTUS

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A question of religious freedom: Yeshiva University is a Jewish university in New York City and "the world’s premier Torah-based institution." Recently, some students created an LGBTQ club to push the school on a more progressive path, directly in conflict with the university’s religious beliefs. The issue was taken to court.

Ordered to recognize the progressive club: A New York court ruled that Yeshiva University is required by law to recognize LGBTQ+ clubs. Lawyers representing Yeshiva argued that the court’s order was an “unprecedented” violation of the First Amendment and subsequently filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court to block the court order.

What will happen? Some analysts suggest it’s likely the Court will review the case. The conservative Supreme Court has been making significant strides in bolstering religious freedom, recently ruling that public education funding cannot exclude religious schools. This case could offer another win for religious freedom.

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