Dec 21, 2022

Judge Accepts 2 of Kari Lakes' Election Fraud Claims

Arizona’s gubernatorial race saw several irregularities. The courts will decide if the results are accurate.
Judge Accepts 2 of Kari Lakes' Election Fraud Claims

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What happened: The midterm elections in Arizona had serious irregularities with voting machine malfunctions in major counties. Republican Kari Lake lost the gubernatorial race by a razor-thin margin and is now challenging the results through multiple lawsuits. A Maricopa County judge accepted two out of 10 of Lake’s claims to go to trial.

The claims: The accepted claims include one surrounding the malfunctioning printers on Election Day and another about a ballot chain of custody that complicated tens of thousands of votes—around the margin of victory. Lake claimed that the malfunctions happened because of “intentional action.”

What happens next? The judge ordered a two-day trial before January 2. Though Lake’s campaign faces an uphill battle in court, the former candidate is optimistic, tweeting, “Buckle up, America. This is far from over.”

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