Jan 4, 2023

Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Father of James Younger in Transgender Child Custody Case

The yearslong court battle that cast the issue of transitioning children into the national spotlight continues to escalate.
Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Father of James Younger in Transgender Child Custody Case

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Written by Hudson Crozier

Background: Last year, Texas father Jeff Younger lost custody of his son, James, whose mother, Anne Georgulas, wants to surgically transition him into a girl. The Texas Supreme Court has now rejected Jeff’s last-minute appeal to keep Georgulas from transitioning James in California, a “sanctuary state” for trans youth.

Why it matters: After years of favorable rulings, Georgulas has taken James to California. While a Texas court order still bars her from transitioning James without her ex-husband’s consent, Jeff suspects she will use California courts to gain more parental rights and ultimately transition James.

National trends: As the movement to transition children gains ground in American institutions, disputes like these are becoming more common. Parents in Ohio, Arizona, California, Illinois, and Virginia have also lost custody of their children for rejecting their supposed transgender identity.

Battle between the states: California’s new transgender “sanctuary” law would also protect Georgulas from prosecution by Texas officials who have deemed transitioning minors “child abuse.” But the law could face challenges due to a constitutional clause requiring states to respect other states' criminal investigations.

You can read our in-depth coverage of the James Younger controversy here and here.

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