Nov 14, 2023

The Kids Are All Right

New data suggests that Generation Z could be trending conservative.
The Kids Are All Right

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What’s happening: Members of Generation Z — also known as “Zoomers” — tend to be discussed as a monolithically left-wing demographic. But a major new report throws cold water on that assumption, indicating Zoomers — and in particular, Zoomer men — might actually be moving right.

The numbers: Just 28 percent of white men in Gen Z identify as liberal — six points lower than their Millennial peers. Fewer than half (43 percent) of Gen Z men identify as feminists — a sharp 11-point drop from Millennial men.

  • More: Gen Z’s support for same-sex marriage has decreased by 11 points over the past two years. While the share of support still makes up a decisive majority — 69 percent — it now sits five points below support for gay marriage among Millennials.

Following a trend: A June survey found the share of Zoomers who believe there are only two genders had increased by a staggering 14 points over the past two years alone.

The gender gap: The data suggest this right turn has been driven by Gen Z men. Zoomer women, on the other hand, appear to be moving in the other direction, and are now more **than twice as likely to identify as “liberal” versus “conservative.” That’s the opposite of twelfth-grade boys, who are now nearly twice as likely to identify as “conservative” versus “liberal.”

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