Jun 20, 2022

Hollywood's Failing Woke Push—Disney's 'Lightyear' Flops

Despite being a spin-off of one of the most successful animated franchises of all time, the new movie flopped.
Hollywood's Failing Woke Push—Disney's 'Lightyear' Flops

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Americans want quality entertainment. Progressive ideology has been getting in the way.

The biggest movies of this year have been Spider-Man: No Way Home and the Tom Cruise-starring Top Gun. While the plot's of these movies are very different, they have one important thing in common: lack of wokeness or political propaganda. With no political agenda, the movies appealed to conservatives and liberals—a unity not often possible in American culture.

Disney’s Lightyear is different. Despite being the follow-up to Toy Story, one of the most successful animated franchises of all time, the new movie flopped. The producers decided to use the film for cultural “progress,” namely the LGBTQ+ movement and included a same-sex kiss.

The producers fought to keep the same-sex kiss in the movie. The kiss was a self-acknowledged push for inclusivity. Chris Evans, the actor who voiced Buzz Lightyear, said, “It’s great that we are a part of something that’s making steps forward in the social inclusion capacity.”

Big picture: Disney explicitly aims to create more LGBTQ content for kids. So do other producers and executives in Hollywood. Americans are rejecting it.

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