Jan 23, 2023

Media Downplay the Violence of Saturday’s Antifa Riot in Atlanta

This violent, far-left, anti-cop radicalism still has the mainstream media’s sympathy.
Media Downplay the Violence of Saturday’s Antifa Riot in Atlanta

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Written by Hudson Crozier

On Saturday in Atlanta, Georgia, Antifa activists dressed in black damaged businesses and set a police car on fire in a planned anti-cop riot. Six were arrested on charges that included domestic terrorism and first-degree arson. Similar groups held protests in Boston, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Los Angeles, and Lincoln, Nebraska.

What were they protesting? The city is building a giant police training site in a local forest. Anti-police and environmental protesters have camped out at the site for months, and last week, one died in a shootout with police while others were arrested. Though police say he shot first, wounding an officer, activists considered his death unjust and called for a “night of rage” in Atlanta to avenge their “fallen comrade.”

Legacy media gaslighting returns: A local television reporter told viewers the riot was a “largely peaceful protest” as a police car burned in the background. A CNN guest said that “the only acts of violence” occurring “were actually police tackling protesters.” Atlanta’s Democratic mayor confirmed that the offenders were “violent” and used explosives.

Big picture: The violent, far-left, anti-cop radicalism that brought Antifa into the spotlight in 2020 is still prevalent across the country and in the Democratic Party. Boston police arrested the “non-binary” child of House Democrat Katherine Clark for assaulting an officer and vandalism during Saturday’s protests.

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