Dec 20, 2023

More Polls: Next Generation of Leaders Hates Jews, Loves Terrorists

Two-thirds of 18 to 24-year-olds say Jews as a group are “oppressors.”
More Polls: Next Generation of Leaders Hates Jews, Loves Terrorists

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Written by Jack Elbaum

What’s happening: A new Harvard/Harris poll reveals that antisemitic and pro-terrorism attitudes among young Americans are more widespread than previously known.

The numbers: Sixty-seven percent of Americans ages 18-24 say that "Jews as a class are oppressors and should be treated as oppressors.” Sixty percent said Hamas’s horrific Oct. 7 attack was justified, while 51 percent say that Israel should be “ended” as a country and “given to Hamas and the Palestinians.”

  • Not an anomaly: Previous polling showed young people split almost half-and-half between supporting Hamas or Israel.
  • Consistent wokeness: Seventy-nine percent of young people say that “white people are oppressors.”

Where is it coming from? The woke worldview — which sees all Western institutions as inherently corrupt and deems entire groups of people “oppressors” or “oppressed” based on the group’s collective success — has become the default paradigm for many young people. Belief in “ending” Israel, a successful Western-style nation, and hostility toward Jews, a successful group, is a natural outgrowth of wokeness.

  • Important: These beliefs are unique among young people. On each of the above questions, every other age group answered in the opposite way of the youngest cohort and more favorably toward Israel.

Why it matters: The most liberal and supposedly tolerant generation harbors a deep dislike of Jews. If wokeness remains prevalent as young people move into positions of power, America could become an increasingly inhospitable place for many.

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