Feb 21, 2023

Nikki Haley Draws Criticism Following 2024 Announcement

The former South Carolina governor's record is now under thorough review by Republicans in response to her 2024 bid.
Nikki Haley Draws Criticism Following 2024 Announcement

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What’s happening: Former Gov. of South Carolina Nikki Haley recently announced that she would be seeking the GOP nomination for president come 2024. In response, various conservatives have brought Haley’s record under a critical microscope. Here’s what they’re saying:

Haley removed Confederate displays: In her time as governor, Haley called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the state capitol in response to a 2015 church shooting. In light of her recent announcement, some have suggested that her decision indicates Haley’s political vulnerability to racial and social issues.

Haley on LGBT issues: Haley also came under fire for her staunch opposition to a South Carolina bill that would have blocked local governments from enacting laws allowing transgender people to use bathrooms that don’t correspond with their biological sex. As the discussion surrounding LGBT issues gave rise to popular Republican contenders like Ron DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin, her stance on these issues could prove to be a weak spot.

Trump’s criticisms: In response to her announcement, former President Donald Trump, released a memo outlining his critiques of Haley. He stated that “Hillary Clinton is an inspiration to Nikki Haley” and that “Haley Supported Paul Ryan’s Plan for Entitlement Reform, Threatening Medicare and Social Security.” Trump further accused her of wanting to fuel the war in Ukraine, being weak on immigration, and not supporting a border wall. Trump similarly noted Haley’s previous opposition to the transgender bathroom bill, accusing her of not wanting to “protect children.”

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