Apr 7, 2022

Our Email Service Deplatformed Us

Looks like we're doing something right!
Our Email Service Deplatformed Us

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Background: The service we use to send our newsletter deplatformed us on Monday without any warning and explanation. The past two days have been chaotic, but we’ve moved over our operations to more reliable services. We’re back now.

Not the first time: Another primary email service, Mailchimp, has become known for censoring conservatives for “inaccurate information” and “hate speech.” Most recently, they banned (but afterward reinstated) The Babylon Bee. Before that, they deplatformed a local Tea Party.

Our current record: We’re banned on Twitter. Instagram banned our backup account, which reached 50,000 followers. And now we’ve been deplatformed from our email service provider. Clearly, we’re doing something right. Thank you to everyone that has made our reporting possible.

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