Aug 5, 2022

Politicians Seem Unwilling To Do Much To Stop Monkeypox Spread

They shut down schools and businesses for COVID but won't impose "sexual restraints."
Politicians Seem Unwilling To Do Much To Stop Monkeypox Spread

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The United States now has more than 6,600 cases of monkeypox. The virus that most don't need to worry about reveals a stark double standard in public health governance.

The virus primarily affects gay men who contract the virus through male-to-male sexual activity. Ninety-nine percent of cases fit that description. It's spread only through very close contact, and those infected get a rash, small lesions, and symptoms similar to the flu. All have recovered.

  • The problem isn't just sex between two men—it's sex parties and orgies with dozens of participants. One specific online creator documented that he got monkeypox after a 20-man orgy.

WHO urged men to sleep with fewer men to reduce transmission. However, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and other cities are avoiding calls for “sexual restraint.” According to those who worked in the fight against HIV/AIDS, “it is futile to tell people to have less sex.”

Cities reacted much differently to the pandemic. Critics who condemned the COVID response are now denouncing the monkeypox response for a different reason. The public health response to COVID kept Americans locked down, prohibited them from seeing family in the hospital, caused many to lose jobs because of the vaccine, and more.

  • Now, cities are unwilling to do much—even attempt to stop sex parties—as they declare public health emergencies.
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