Jun 15, 2023

Over 17,600 Schools Hide Children’s Gender Identity From Parents, Report Shows

Keeping parents uninformed about a student’s exploration of gender identity is unpopular but increasingly common.
Over 17,600 Schools Hide Children’s Gender Identity From Parents, Report Shows
Photo by Taylor Flowe / Unsplash

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Written by Hudson Crozier

The scoop: At least 1,000 public school districts in the U.S.—over 17,600 schools—have policies instructing teachers and staff not to tell parents if their children begin to identify as another gender, according to a report from the right-leaning Parents Defending Education, which has received and analyzed countless leaks from parents. The school districts on the list, which continues to grow, are mostly located in blue states, with California and New Jersey having the most reported cases.

Who’s behind this? LGBT activist groups and other outside organizations collaborate with schools across the country to promote these policies as a way to keep transgender students “safe.” Some state governments also advise teachers to adopt these secretive practices as standard procedures in public schools. While many schools implement the policies in secret, some teachers are outspoken about their commitment not to “out” a transgender student to their parents.

It’s unpopular: Polling recently showed that even most California voters “support laws requiring schools to notify parents if a student identifies as transgender.” Parents in multiple states have filed lawsuits over the issue, and Republicans have capitalized on it through legislation.

Big picture: The schools are not only concealing students’ gender identities but are also actively promoting children to accept and adopt gender ideologies that can lead them to seek experimental treatments that are irreversible. This has been done through curricula, rogue teachers, school partnerships with hospitals promoting transgenderism, and even secret school activities like transition closets.

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