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Analyzing Zelensky’s appeals to emotion public
Global 2 min read

Analyzing Zelensky’s appeals to emotion

Zelensky’s strategy was to evoke emotional support by referring to the national tragedies of each country he spoke to. While he was mostly well-received, he took it a step too far in Israel and crossed the line of emotional manipulation.
The Ukrainian Bio-Lab Conspiracy public
Biden 1 min read

The Ukrainian Bio-Lab Conspiracy

While we don’t know exactly the intent of these labs or the level of danger they pose, we do know that the U.S. government has been more involved in Ukraine than they’ve previously portrayed and that they are trying to keep this knowledge from the public.
Making Sense of The Russo-Ukrainian War public
Newsletter 4 min read

Making Sense of The Russo-Ukrainian War

When discussing conflicts like these from a geopolitical perspective, it’s easy to underscore human suffering. The reality is that as a result of the motives and decisions discussed, blood is shed, lives are lost, and families and livelihoods are destroyed.
Current Inflation, Explained public
Government 1 min read

Current Inflation, Explained

Groceries increased by six percent, and essentials like gas by fifty. If you didn't earn a 6.8% raise, you're poorer than you were last year. How did we get here?
Australia’s Tyrannical Decline, Explained public
Pandemic 3 min read

Australia’s Tyrannical Decline, Explained

Despite some elements of a free democracy, including mixed, representative, and initially decentralized government, Australia has gradually devolved into a repressive police state. Life for the citizen has transformed beyond recognition.
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