Jun 13, 2022

NYC Taxpayers Funding Almost 50 Drag Queen "Story Hours" for Children

A drag queen nonprofit has organized 49 taxpayer-funded shows for children in NYC public schools this year alone.
NYC Taxpayers Funding Almost 50 Drag Queen "Story Hours" for Children

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Drag Story Hour NYC is a nonprofit where cross-dressed performers interact with children ages three and up. The nonprofit has organized 49 shows in 34 public New York City elementary, middle, and high schools this year alone.

Taxpayer money is used to fund the shows. Since 2018, the group has received $207,000 in funding from taxpayers to deliver their performances to students.

Some Republican politicians want to pull funding for the shows. “We are taking hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the pockets of hardworking New York taxpayers … to fund a program teaching little children about their gender fluidity? Not. On. My. Watch,” said City Council member Vickie Paladino (R-Queens).

The shows celebrate LGBTQ+ ideology and promote gender fluidity. For progressives, drag shows for kids embody an inclusive society. The drag queens are seen as role models who help children become more accepting and inclusive of LGBTQ+ identities.

  • Even outlets like The Washington Post encourage child participation.

This year's pride focuses on child participation. There’s been a growing number of “family-friendly” drag queen story hours this month. However, most wouldn’t call the shows “family-friendly” because of the highly revealing and cross-dressing clothes worn by drag queens.

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