Nov 14, 2022

Meet The Girl Fighting "Gender Affirming" Care

A teenager who underwent sex change treatments beginning at 13 years old is now suing her medical providers, hoping to set a precedent to bring justice to other minors harmed by these treatments.
Meet The Girl Fighting "Gender Affirming" Care

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The backstory: Chloe Cole began struggling with gender dysphoria at 11 years old after reading about gender ideology online. Two years later, her parents and doctors began transitioning her, putting her on puberty blockers and testosterone. At 15, Cole underwent a double mastectomy, permanently removing both of her breasts.

The lawsuit: Cole alleges that the doctors and hospital responsible for transitioning her failed to protect her from the risky and experimental treatment she underwent. She also asserts that the hospitals not only administer these harmful treatments to minors, but they also promote and advertise them to minors, representing “a breach of the standard of care.” Cole still suffers from psychological and physical side effects like issues with bone density and recurring infections from the treatments.

“My goal in this lawsuit is to set a precedent that will change the landscape for these barbaric processes and to create a pathway for other de-transitioners to seek justice,” Cole said.

Why it matters: Most children with gender dysphoria grow out of the condition. But harmful, experimental, and permanent treatments are still promoted by the medical and political establishment, with childhood sex changes and transgenderism at an all-time high.

Big picture: Childhood sex changes have also never been more political. Democrats and Republicans are at war over the issue, with Democrats working to protect children’s access to sex changes on a state and federal level. Meanwhile, Republicans are fighting it on a state level.

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