Aug 23, 2023

The Snow White Remake Is Doomed To Fail

The film’s star is already dividing audiences with her woke talking points.
The Snow White Remake Is Doomed To Fail

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Written by David Zimmermann

What’s happening: Actress Rachel Zegler recently made the rounds on social media regarding her role in Disney’s upcoming live-action Snow White. Zegler, who plays the princess, said her reimagining of the character will bring a “modern” and progressive edge to the movie.

What she said: Last year, Zegler said her version of Snow White is dreaming about “becoming the leader she knows she can be” rather than “true love.” She also admitted the 2024 release is “really not about the love story at all,” called the 1937 film’s prince a stalker, and said the new adaptation will replace the idea of “the fairest of them all” with “who is the most just.”

Catch up: The Snow White remake also drew backlash last month when leaked set photos showed the seven dwarves replaced with diverse “magical creatures” of all sizes, races, and genders. After initially denying the claims, Disney soon admitted the photos originated from the production set.

Why it matters: With seven months left until its release, Snow White will have an uphill battle at the box office. Considering its never-ending storm of bad publicity, this will likely be the latest film added to the growing list of Disney’s recent flops. So far this year, Disney lost $965 million on four of its most high-profile film and streaming projects.

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