Have a tip?

Your tip could be the next big story.
Have a tip?

For a straightforward way to reach out, email us at tips@upward.news. Although regular email is not encrypted, it's a direct line to our team.

We're looking for tips that are newsworthy and important to the public. This includes:

  • Documents or data that show something new.
  • Personal stories or eyewitness accounts of significant events.
  • Information about public or private figures that requires investigation.

What makes a good tip?

  • Insightful information: Share facts, events, or developments not widely known but have significant public interest.
  • Relevance: Focus on topics that impact our community or could lead to meaningful stories.
  • Evidence: Supporting documents, photos, or videos increase the value of your tip.

But don't overthink it! If your gut tells you it's an important story, send it along.

We promise to: keep your identity confidential if you wish to remain anonymous, use the information you provide for journalistic purposes only, and discuss the use of sensitive information with you beforehand.

Note: Sending information does not guarantee publication. Our team reviews all tips, but we cannot respond to each one individually.

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