Feb 1, 2023

Trump’s Education Plan Includes Fighting Gender Ideology, Race-Based Discrimination

If elected in 2024, the former president plans to combat inappropriate content in schools and give more rights to parents.
Trump’s Education Plan Includes Fighting Gender Ideology, Race-Based Discrimination

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The plan: Former president and 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump announced his Save American Education Plan last week, which calls to cut federal funding for schools and programs that engage in gender ideology, critical race theory, and other “inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content.” The plan will also launch civil rights investigations into any school district that engages in race-based discrimination.

Regarding educators: The former president proposes abolishing K-12 teacher tenure and replacing it with merit pay. Trump also wants to cut the number of administrators in schools, including the “diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucracy,” and to create a new body to certify teachers who do not indoctrinate students but rather “embrace patriotic values.”

Parental rights: Trump wants to expand school choice, ensure transparency in what students will be taught, and create a direct election process for parents to vote on school principals.

Big picture: In schools nationwide, students as young as kindergarteners are exposed to radical, progressive ideologies in their class material. This problem has spawned many battles across state legislatures. Trump aims to find a federal solution.

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