Aug 28, 2023

Timeline: Two justice systems and Trump's mug shot

Here's how we got where we are.
Timeline: Two justice systems and Trump's mug shot

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FBI releases report alleging Ukrainian company bribed Joe Biden (June 8, 2023)

An executive from the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, Hunter Biden’s employer, allegedly bribed then-Vice President Joe Biden $5 million to keep a prosecutor from investigating the company. The FBI has allowed its investigation to take over three years.

Trump’s first federal indictment (June 9, 2023)

A federal grand jury indicted former President Donald Trump over his handling of classified documents.

Trump indicted for the second time (July 27, 2023)

The Department of Justice filed three new charges against Trump related to his handling of classified documents.

Trump indicted for the third time (August 1, 2023)

Trump was indicted for his attempts to rectify what he argues was a stolen election in 2020.

  • More foreign payments to the Bidens uncovered (August 9, 2023) Joe Biden used his family as a “vehicle to receive bribery payments” from corrupt oligarchs and people tied to the Chinese government, a House report alleged.
  • Biden-friendly special counsel assigned to Hunter’s case (August 11, 2023) The DOJ assigned David Weiss, who was behind the lenient plea deal, as special counsel amid evidence Weiss allowed the DOJ to obstruct investigations into the first son. His status as a government official is against the rules for special counsels.
  • More testimony confirms DOJ’s obstruction (August 14, 2023) Investigators were told to stay away from Hunter Biden’s home and were unable to execute a planned interview, according to an FBI agent.

Trump indicted for the fourth time (August 14, 2023)

The case argues that Trump’s election challenges in Georgia were an illegal conspiracy to overturn the results.

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