Feb 13, 2023

A UFO-Filled Weekend Is More About China Than Aliens

The U.S. shot down more “UFOs” following the initial Chinese spy balloon saga.
A UFO-Filled Weekend Is More About China Than Aliens
Photo by John Torcasio / Unsplash

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What’s happening: This weekend, U.S. fighter jets shot down an object over Alaska, a “cylindrical” object over the Yukon, and an “octagonal” object over Lake Huron in Michigan. Pentagon and intelligence officials have not provided the public with specifics but have given contradicting statements on whether the downed objects were balloons.

Important context: Following the Chinese supposed spy balloon saga, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) made its radar system more sensitive. The U.S. is likely looking for more foreign surveillance balloons and is finding more objects worth shooting down. Some U.S. officials are considering theories that the objects were sent by China or Russia “to test American intelligence-gathering capabilities.”

The extraterrestrial angle: Though the nature of these downed objects is almost certainly geopolitical considering the context, the media has taken an extraterrestrial angle, correctly labeling the objects as “UFOs” but adding purposefully vague reports of pilots saying there was “no identifiable propulsion system.”

Geopolitics: It would be another back-to-back provocation if the downed objects were of Chinese origin, which is likely why the federal government is taking time to provide the public with details. More public accusations would strain relations further as China refuses to talk with the U.S.

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