Oct 1, 2020

Understanding the 14 Deaths of Unarmed Black Americans By Police in 2019

Understanding the 14 Deaths of Unarmed Black Americans By Police in 2019

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Out of the 14 unarmed black Americans fatally shot by police in 2019:

  • 10 attacked police before getting shot
  • 3 fled from police but didn't attack (and 2/3 saw officer's charged)
  • 1 did not attack or flee (and the officer was charged)

Sources: Washington Post Police Shootings Database

Jimmy Atchinson


FBI agents enter the apartment on a warrant for an armed robbery suspect. Atchinson flees, enters another apartment, and is shot by police while hiding in a broom closet.

Sources: AJC, NJ

Gregory Griffin


Officer fires at a fleeing vehicle, thinking that Griffin pointed a gun at him. Officer indicted for aggravated manslaughter.

Sources: AJC, NJ

Kevin Mason


Suspect sends dogs after officers respecting to a domestic violence call. Says he would "kill every last one" of them. Presents an object resembling a gun and is shot.

Sources: WMAR2, NYPost

Marzeus Scott


Seen on body-cam attacking an officer before he is shot. Officer deploys taser before shooting.

Sources: WMAR2, NYPost

Marcus McVae


A police chase where the suspect eventually fled on foot. A fight ensues and the trooper shoots

Sources: MYSA, Fox25

Isaiah Lewis


Naked suspect punches officer in face and head. Officer deploys taser which doesn't subdue the suspect.

Sources: MYSA, Fox25

Kevin Pudlik


Suspect was a passenger in a fleeing car. The driver nearly pinned a cop between the car and a concrete wall. Cops on the scene fatally shot Pudlik and wounded the driver.

Sources: Fox2, LATimes

Ryan Twyman


Security cam shows suspect reversing vehicle, catching a deputy with the open door. Suspect was shot after driving off.

Sources: Fox2, LATimes

Josef Richardson


Suspect reaches toward his waistband and turns toward the deputy handcuffing him, scuffle ensues.

Sources: The Advocate

Channara Pheap


Mounts and chokes an officer, grabs his taser, and uses it on the officer. Backed by eyewitnesses and video.

Sources: Knoxville News

Atatiana Jefferson


Officer fails to identity himself during a welfare check, sees Jefferson through backyard window and makes commands. Jefferson, inside, points a legal weapon toward the window and is fatally shot. Officer was charged with murder.

Sources: NBC, WBRZ, KCEN

Christopher Whitfield


Burglar fleeing from police. Fatally shot during scuffle with officer Glenn Sims, who was cleared by a grand jury.

Sources: NBC, WBRZ, KCEN

Michael Dean


Body cam shows Officer Carmen DeCruz discharging his firearm while confiscating Dean's car keys after a police chase. Officer was charged with manslaughter.

Sources: NBC, WBRZ, KCEN

In some of these cases, details are vague (i.e. Only Jimmy Atchinson's family maintains he was unarmed despite not being there).

Kevin Mason, Marzeus Scott, Marcus McVae, Isaiah Lewis, Kevin Pudlik, Ryan Twyman, Josef Richardson, Channara Pheap, Melvin Watskins, and Christopher Whitefield were included in the attacked category.

Jimmy Atchison, Gregory Griffin, and Michael Dean were included in the flee-only category.

Finally, Atiana Jefferson was included in the did not attack or flee category although she pointed a legal weapon at the Officer who was in her backyard, The Washington Post counts her as unarmed.

Sources: Washington Post Police Shootings Database

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