Nov 18, 2022

UNT's Child Care Program Teaches Gender Identity to Preschoolers

Higher education is driving the effort to bring radical leftism to K-12 schools.
UNT's Child Care Program Teaches Gender Identity to Preschoolers
Photo by daniel james / Unsplash

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Written by Hudson Crozier

The scoop: The state-funded University of North Texas (UNT) reportedly has a center where children are taught LGBT concepts without parents’ knowledge and trains future teachers to bring progressivism into classrooms.

Why it matters: UNT has issued public statements “in support of trans children.” This is just one example of how higher education institutions drive radical leftism into K-12 education.

Indoctrinating children: UNT’s Center for Young Children offers child care for kids ages 3 to 5 and serves as a research lab where students interact with the children. A mother who briefly put her daughter in the program said the instructors talk to the children about gender identity and that her daughter came home one day asking what “nonbinary” meant.

Training future educators: The current and former directors of the lab have also taught courses that encourage future public school teachers to adopt “anti-racist and decolonizing teaching practices” and “consider issues of class, gender, race, and other cultural constructs.” A course for students pursuing a doctoral in early childhood education also promotes “queering the curriculum.”

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